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Outline for the week's message
This Week's Topic: "Preparing for growth!" (aired on 08/12/18)
1) The "mystery of God's kingdom" was hidden from us in the past but is now revealed to us by the Holy Spirit and all of it centers around the person of Jesus Christ.
2) If Satan would have known what the "mystery of God's kingdom" really was he would not have put Jesus on the cross.
3) In and of ourselves we cannot understand the "mystery of God's kingdom" - we must receive assistance and it must be revealed to us by the Holy Spirit.
Last Week's Topic: "Can it and will it?" (aired on 08/05/18) 
1) It is the work of the Holy Spirit in the life of the follower of Jesus Christ to give to us the ability to now say "no" to things that have the ability to do us harm.
2) The Lord restores our ability to tell Him "yes" and to tell the devil "no".
3) It is the work of the Holy Spirit in the life of the follower of Jesus Christ that He takes away the hardness of heart that we can develop so that we can feel again.  
4) When the Lord begins a restorative work in your life whatever the Lord has you doing to produce that restoration DON'T STOP DOING IT UNTIL THE LORD IS DONE RESTORING YOU!
5) The Lord knows exactly what is needed to put a person's life back together in the specific way that it needs to be done.
6) The Lord can do a restorative work in a person's life but then that person can still not allow the Lord to become the central Person in their life.




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