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Outline for the week's message 
This Week's Topic: "Courage under fire!" (aired on 12/09/18) 
1) For everyone who is a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ there will come a time in all of our lives where our faith and commitment to Jesus Christ is going to be tested in some significant way.
2) What the devil tries to do is to get people to respond to the things that he encourages them to do in a perscribed and specific way.
Last Week's Topic: "What to do when the problem seems unsolvable!" (aired on 12/02/18) 
1) Many bad decisions have been made based upon spur-of-the-moment impulses.
2) Many times we want to act quickly and pray later when we should be praying quickly and acting later.
3) There is wisdom to be found in a person coming to the place where they realize and accept the fact that they do have limits in their life.
4) Many of us waste a lot of time complaining about things when we should instead utilize that time and energy praying about it. 
5) There is a difference between corporate prayer and group prayer.




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