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Outline for the week's message:
This Week's Topic: "Eternal evaluations!" (aired on 11/19/17)  
1) The value that a person gives to something cannot be based upon the size of a thing (i.e. something that is bigger is not always something that is better).
2) Sometimes our greatest blessings can come from the smallest of things.
3) Sometimes our greatest advanements can come from the simplest acts of obedience.
4) In the mind of the Lord the value of one individual soul is of more worth than all of the accumulated value of all that the world has to offer.
5) Many a person can correctly discern certain things in this life but they are unable to discern and determine the day and time that we are in spiritually.
6) With some people the Lord can and will give signs and evidence to them, but with some the Lord does not give them any more signs or evience because He wants them to receive and accept the signs and the evidence that the Lord has already given to them. 
Last Week's Topic: "There's still more to uncover!" (aired on 11/12/17) 
1) The Lord wants to give us things like joy and peace that are based upon our relationship with Him and not based upon our circumstances.
2) It is a lie that says: "all a person needs to do in order to be able to know the right way for them to go is for them to follow their heart". 
3) All of our hearts have a fundamental flaw in them - it is because we all have been "born in sin".
4) Our capacity to sin is something that all people are born with and as we get older we become more proficient in our ability to do it.  
5) It is better counsel to give to a person to encourage them to not "foolow their heart" but instead to follow the Lord.
6) It is a lie that says: "it does not matter what a person believes just as long as they are sincere in it".
7) It is possible for a person to be sincere in what they believe and still be sincerely wrong in it. 
8) It is a lie that says: "a person has to take care of themself because no one else is going to."
9) This lie encourages a person to become self-focused, self- oriented and self-centered all under the pretense that this is a right and good thing for them to do.



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