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Outline for the week's message: 
This Week's Topic: "The church where the bad girl became the boss!" - pt. 4 (aired on 05/21/17)  
1) Because the Lord is the "Head" or preminient leader of the Church He is the one who gets to determine how He wants for His Church to run and to operate.
2) Because the Lord has determined for the primary pattern of the church and how it is to operate is to be the picture of how a man and a woman are to relate to each other within the bounds of a marriage then that means that the senior leadership roles within a church are to be primarily occupied by men.
3) Many of the objections that people can have are either relational, stereotypical, political or historical but they are not biblical.
4) Any man that does not actively seek the advice and counsel of the women of the congregation that he is called to serve is either a head "That is made out of wood" or is a head "that is full of rocks". 
5) The assistance and advice that women are able to bring to those who are called by God to lead within a church is indispensible.
6) In many situations it is not the case of women trying to barge their way in and then begin to control things - it is more of a case of men not being willing to step forward and assume the roles and the responsibilities that have been given to them by the Lord.
7) The prophetess Deborah was a judge and was a leader within Israel, but she also was the wife of a husband who herself submitted to the leadership of her husband and the scriptures tell us that she is mentioned as being a wife before she is mentioned as being a judge.  
Last Week's Topic: "The church where the bad girl became the boss!" - pt.2 (aired on 05/07/17)  
1) The Lord tests and tries His people in the same way that a furnace is used to try or refine and improve both silver and gold.
2) The Lord will provide for us all that we need to be able to do the work of His kingdom - all we need to provide is the willingness to do it. 
3) It is a very troubling thing when the leadership within a church fails to lead.
4) The 'vision' for a church should not be what the people want for the church to become - it must be what the Lord says He wants for His church to become.
5) "Everything either rises or falls with leadership". 
6) Whenever the Lord wants to begin a work He first starts with preparing the person that He has selected to lead it. 
7) Whenever there is a failure by the people of God to accurately and clearly declare the Word of God things will inevitably begin to perish.
8) The first and primary responsibility of the Church is to clearly and accurately preach, teach and declare the Word of God.   



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