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Outline for the week's message
This Week's Topic: "The preoccupied soil!" (aired on 10/14/18) 
1) To be preoccupied by something is to have a person's heart, mind and focus to become so focused on one particular thing that nothing else gets their full attention.
2) We have come up with the term known as "multitasking" to describe a person who is simply preoccupied and trying to handle a lot of different things all at the same time.
3) With some things at the outset of it it may look easy and promising but the longer you deal with it the more attention you have to give to it because the greater the chance becomes for things to become more difficult for you.  
4) With many people their "thorn-like issues" were there in their lives before the introduction of the seed of God's word entered into their lives and were never fully addressed.
Last Week's Topic: "The superficial soil!" (aired on 10/07/18)
1) As a follower of Jesus Christ we can experience pressure that is both external and internal.
2) For too many people when their testimony concerning their commitment to Jesus Christ is put on trial there comes back a "not guilty" verdict.
3) We should expect the areas of our lives where we are growing in Christ to be tested at some point in time and in some way.
4) At times the adversity and the hardship that comes against us as followers of Jesus is not because of who you are but because of who you know and who you belong to.
5) For some - when they begin too experience hardship and adversity in their lives because of their commitment to Jesus Christ - it will begin to have a negative impact on their lives and not have a positive effect.
6) A real and honest decision that a person makes to become a follower of Jesus Christ should always include that person "counting the cost" of what it really means to follow Jesus.




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