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Outline for the week's message:
This Week's Topic: "The most dangerous church of all!" (aired on 09/17/17)  
1) A church can find itself being in very bad condition even though it's appearance on the surface could indicate just the opposite of these things.
2) A church is in very bad condition when everyone in the congregation has the attitude of: "been there, done that, seen that, know that!" 
3) In order for a church to remain healthy it must maintain a teachable and humble spirit that permeates among the members of that body.
Last Week's Topic: "The church that kept what it was given!" (aired on 09/10/17)  
1) Even though the Lord does love everyone who chooses to prioritize those who will remain faithful and obedient to Him above those who compromise in their relationship with Him with the world.
2) The God that we serve is a God who honors the commitments that He makes.
3) As the people of God we should be people who honor the commitments that we make both to the Lord and to each other.
4) One of the greatest continuing displays of the Lord's power and might is the Lord's ability to withhold Himself from fully bringing upon us the judgement that we rightly deserve.
5) Our commitment and our faithfulness to the Lord will be rewarded in this life and in the life to come.
6) Our being committed and obedient to the Lord does act in a number of ways as a safeguard for our lives.



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