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Outline for the week's message:
This Week's Topic: "How shall we respond to the events of our day!" (aired on 03/18/18) 
1) As followers of Jesus Christ we should not allow ourselves to be "conformed" or shaped and molded after the pattern and the form of this current generation.
2) When we "present ourselves" to the Lord we are being encouraged to give ourselves to the Lord as a type of freewill offering that we give to Him.
3) When a person is following after the world the devil will not ask for your permission to shape and mold you after the patterns of the current age.
4) The transfiguration of Jesus is a picture and a pattern of the type of transformation that the Lord wants to give to us.
5) The transformation that the Lord wants to give to us will happen for us as we yield ourselves to God.
6) The transformation that the Lord wants to give to us will happen on the inside of us first and then begin to manifest itself on the outside of us.
7) The Lord cannot use us as a "change agent" unless we are first "changed agents".
8) Prayer to the child of God is like breathing - you cannot last long without doing it.  
Last Week's Topic: "How shall we respond to the events of our day?" (aired on 03/11/18) 
1) The Holy Spirit is a keeper for the people of God that allows us to be in something but not be overly impacted by the thing that we are in.
2) As the people of God we do not need more of the Lord - the Lord needs more of us.
3) The Holy Spirit seals us so that what is on the outside of us does not get down on the inside of us and begin to negatively impact us.
4) When we allow the Holy Spirit to seal us and be our sealant there in nothing that we can face that can cause that seal to fail or fall apart on us. 
5) Our ability "to resist the devil" only comes to us as we become willing "to submit ourselves to God".
6) The sealing that the Holy Spirit gives to us is provided for us from above in that it comes from God the Father by way of God the Spirit.
7) Our very lives and how we live them should be a testimony to the world about the difference that Jesus Christ can make in a person's life.




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