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Outline for the week's message: 
This Week's Topic: "The church that lost it's integrity!" - pt.2 (aired on 07/23/17) 
1) To have integrity does not mean that a person does not have some spots or blemishes that need to be addressed in their life - to have integrity means that a person is solid and not divided in their life.
2) Many people think that the word "intgrity" means "faultless" or "flawless", but that is not what the word actually means.  
3) A person can still be who has person of integrity if they let others know right up front that they are not perfect, that they do have flaws and they let them know what and where those areas are.
4) A person who has integrity is a person who is constantly and consistently seeking the Lord for His help, intervention and direction on dealing with the "muddy areas" of their life.
5) A church can lose it's integrity when it tries to get others to believe something about it that is no longer true or applicable to it.
Last Week's Topic: "The church that lost it's integrity!" (aired on 07/16/17) 
1) At times it is not a bad thing for someone to find that "secret path" that leads into our lives in order to help us to do what we would not otherwise do on our own.
2) Most people do not know where or how many "secret paths" that they have in their lives.
3) The longer a person stays in the darkness the more accustomed they become to being in the dark.
4) The longer a person stays in the dark the more sloppy they become in their efforts to cover up what they are doing in the dark.
5) Many people believe that the image that they are protraying to others concerning who they are is something that they can take anywhere and that no one will ever be able to see behind it.
6) Many people - rather than trying to be real and authentic - become more "chameleon-like" in their efforts to try and be whatever it is that others are looking for.



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