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Outline for the week's message:
This Week's Topic: "The reunion tour that the "4 C's" need to have!" (aired on 01/14/18) 
1) When love is real it will act as a type of safeguard for people that will protect them from harm and from danger.
2) To cover up someone's wrong is not to be loving towards them - to do so is to be unloving towards them.
3) Love when it is real will act as a type of "city of refuge" for a person.
4) Love when it is real is optimistic and does not look to find fault in others or with others.
5) Love when it is real wants to believe the best of a person rather than expect the worse from a person.
6) Love when it is real will remain behind and continue to work with a person even after everyone else has left them.
7) It is not possible for a person to "fall out of love" with someone because love never fails.
8) Love when it is real is not envious and does not get upset when others are blessed.
9) Love when it is real does not move a person to boast or brag about what they have and who they are.
10) Love when it is real does not move a person to try and make themself look good at the expense of others.   
Last Week's Topic: "The reunion tour that the "4 C's" need to have!" (aired on 01/07/18) 
1) The four "C's" that our culture needs to see make a return are: charity, character, courtesy and courage.
2) Our culture is in desperate need to know what real love is and what real love is not.
3) In many ways the church of Jesus Christ, under the direction of the Holy Spirit, must help love to "recover it's identity" because love has had it's identity stolen.
4) When the scriptures say that "love suffers long" it is saying that real love takes a long time to burn up and to finally come to an end. 
5) Some people may be longsuffering toward us, but they constantly remind us that they are doing this for us.
6) Love, when it is real, gets happy when that which is actual, factual and real finally is known and revealed so that it can be addressed and resolved to the benefit of that person.
7) Healing, deliverance and victory can only come to a person when they finally come to a place where they begin to deal with the truth.



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